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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Causes, treatment and how to get rid of buttocks or palms and sleeper muscles at home

Buttocks, buttocks, sleeper muscle and recessed hip are circular pits that can be seen clearly on the external sides of the body next to the buttocks, and given that this matter disturbs many women and girls because they feel that they spoil their appearance and reduce the beauty of their buttocks, they search for causes and ways that It might help to reduce it or get rid of it radically, so learn about the causes, treatment and how to get rid of buttocks, calves and sleeper muscle through our article today.

First: Causes of buttocks or calves and sleeper muscle

Perhaps the first question that arises in the minds is what are the reasons behind this gap or known as Alkhfs.

Among these reasons for women:
1 - Poor diet.
2- Hormonal changes.
3- Genetic predisposition.
4 - Age.
5- Accumulation of toxins in the body.

As for the reasons for girls in adolescence, they include:

1 - Not drinking enough water.
2 - Not sitting properly.
3 - Obesity.
4 - Lack of exercise.

Second: Dissolving and treating dimples of the buttocks, calves, and sleeping muscles

If you want to get rid of buttocks, you should follow several important steps, including:

1 - The pursuit of strengthening the muscles of this region by exercising on a daily basis.

2- Eat a healthy diet that doesn't contain much fat.

3 - Staying straight in your sitting, as the wrong sitting may lead to the occurrence of that body or the sleeping muscle.

4 - Drink enough water per day, not less than 2.2 liters of water, which equals 9 cups.

Third :: Exercises and diet to fatten and fill the buttocks or the dimples and the sleeper muscle

There are several exercises you can follow to get rid of the calf, sleep muscle, or recessed hip.

The first exercise :

 To get a proper movement and if your body does not represent an obstacle in order to weigh, do the following :

1 - Go up to the seat with your right foot, and push your heels and left knees up.
2 - Lower your left leg back, rolling backward onto the seat.
3 - When your left foot reaches the ground, push up through your right heel again, while driving the left knee again up.
Finally :: Repeat 10 to 12 actors on the right leg, then turn left, and complete 3 sets.

The second exercise: 

This exercise raises the heart rate - as it burns calories - and targets the lower body at the same time.

1- Standing in a wide squat position, your toes should be slightly pointed and knees slightly bent.
2- Make your arms folded in front of you, placing your hands at chest level, or place your hands on the hips.
3 - Sit cross-legged, when your thighs are parallel to the ground, pushing yourself to a jump; To combine your feet.
4 - Make sure to land on your toes together.
5 - Jump to wide starting position, go down to squat, and repeat.
Finally :: Complete at least 10 reps for 3 groups.

The third exercise :

You can follow several movements while standing, next to a chair.

1 - Stand near the chair and move your foot straight forward almost.
2 - Then, move your foot to the side in steady steps.
3- Move your right foot left, and back.
4 - You can sit up straight and move your left foot in the same direction but slowly and vice versa.

Follow the causes, treatment and how to get rid of the buttocks dimples, or what is known as the calf and the sleeping muscle

Fourth : The hot cups method to get rid of the buttocks or the dimples and the sleeping muscles

Madam, you can use the hot wax cups to get rid of the buttocks dimples or the calf and the sleeping muscle. The Maghreb is one of the oldest countries that have adopted and relied on this method since ancient times until now.

Until now, many girls use them before marriage. It coordinates the body and makes it more flexible and beautiful.

This method is used as follows:
1 - Leave the cups coated with hot wax on the skin for a sufficient period.
2 - Leaving the cups for a suitable period allows lifting the skin upward and bringing the fat to the empty areas of the buttocks and filling them.
3- The use of hot cups also helps to get rid of cellulite in that area and leave it with a smooth texture.

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Fifth : The experience of getting rid of dimples or palms and the sleeping muscle quickly and permanently
You can get rid of the dimples of the buttocks or the calf and the sleeping muscle quickly and permanently, by following the advice that was mentioned, especially not to sit in the wrong way immediately after eating, in addition to drinking an appropriate amount of water on a daily basis.

And exercising is very important, as it makes you get rid of the body faster, in addition to that it makes your body healthy.

One of the girls recounts that she was suffering from a dimple of adraz, and she tried to get rid of it in more than one way, but she was losing hope from time to time, until she followed a specific system and continued for three months and got rid of the vein completely.

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MA Troy: “In the beginning it was very bad. I was suffering from the leggings. When wearing pants, this part is clearly visible, like the“ petticoat ”in the buttocks area. I wore wide pants and wide clothes in order not to appear much, and I followed a healthy diet and drank water in a way My day is at least 8 cups, with some exercise at home. ”

The most important exercises that were followed by the girl are sitting on the back with the feet raised in the position of the letter, and starting to raise the back 10 times for three groups, and the other exercise is to stand on a straight line the right foot in front and left back and start to go down and bend the foot in front and install the back, 10 times each foot in three groups, and standing exercise and opening the feet from each other a small distance and put the hand on the center and then go straight up. Repeat the exercise 10 times in 3 groups, each group between them and the other two minutes.

The result appears from the first month, but the body becomes stronger and better in shape after three months.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Chest exercises at home

Best Chest exercises at home 

Chest muscles

 Chest muscles are among the most visible major muscles that give the body its attractiveness, and all men and women search for healthy, sporty and graceful bodies, and there are a lot of exercises that work to strengthen the chest muscles, highlight them well, and get rid of their sag.

 But nowadays there are many people who cannot go to gyms to play sports. In general, various pressure exercises are considered one of the best chest exercises, and through this article we will present some home-based physical exercises that work to strengthen and tighten chest muscles and get rid of their sagging.

Home exercises to strengthen and tighten the chest

push up

  It is considered one of the most important exercises that work to strengthen the chest effectively, especially for people who suffer from sagging lower chest, and it can be done by bringing the hands close together, then going down until the hand touches the middle of the chest, and then going up to the top slowly also, and the exercise must be repeated ten times Every day taking into account getting a break from one to two minutes.

Dumbbell pressure exercise

  It is by lying on a floor furnished with carpets or training brushes, then bending the knees and holding the dumbbell and lifting it upward depending on the chest muscles, then lowering it to the bottom, at the end the lifting of the dumbbell to the top and then staying in that position for a few seconds, then return to the first position, It is recommended to repeat the exercise 12 times a day.

A diving exercise between two chairs

 Exercise can be practiced by placing two chairs apart from each other, then standing between the two chairs and holding them from above, and then going down and going up and then holding for a few seconds, and the exercise must be repeated in four groups per day and in each group 12 times.

Squeeze the ball

 It is by lying on the abdomen, then holding the ball between the hands and the fingertips, going up and down as is the case in the pressure exercise completely, it is preferable to repeat the exercise daily from twenty to thirty times in four rounds, taking into account obtaining a break between each round.

The exercise and legs are raised

 It is the best exercise to strengthen the upper chest muscle, and is by lying on the ground, then lifting the legs on a strong table or table, after which the hands are placed on the ground and then doing the same regular pressure movements, but slowly up and down slowly, and it is preferred to repeat the exercise daily 15 times in three rounds , With a two-minute break every three rounds.

Friday, April 17, 2020

The best schedule of bodybuilding exercises

Schedule of exercises instructions

 To begin with, warm-up exercises should start before starting the exercises in the schedule. These exercises vary between running and brisk walking, stretching and climbing stairs. The schedule for each day must include a group of large muscle exercises such as the chest, back and legs. The groups of exercises are also determined in each month, provided that the types of exercises are changed in the schedule and the irregularity in a specific schedule is more than a month. Also, the exercise time should not be exaggerated so that it does not exceed one hour, with rest days being changed according to schedule.

The best schedule of bodybuilding exercises

Some of the sports tips that can be followed to build the body include:

First day

 In the table is devoted to the easiest muscles, to encourage the game practitioner to continue throughout the week, and start with chest exercises, and then the exercises of the muscle of traps, which is the most helpful muscle in the movement of the chest muscles.

the second day

 It combines the muscles of the back and the bases, and back exercises may be more difficult than the abdominal exercises, except that increasing the strength of those muscles increases the general strength of the body, and that the exercises of the bases, which are the main muscles of the arms, give a strong appearance to the player, and after the second day the player must obtain Full day rest.

the third day

In the table it is assigned to the shoulder exercises, and the forearm muscles can be exercises because it is the auxiliary muscle with the shoulder exercises.

the fourth day

Of the exercises is devoted to the exercises of the abdomen and legs, which are exercises that many beginners overlook, despite their importance, then a rest day and a schedule can be restored again for three weeks before changing it. As for the types of exercises, they are determined under the supervision of the gym coach to ensure the correct posture and avoid exposure to muscle injuries .

Causes, treatment and how to get rid of buttocks or palms and sleeper muscles at home

Buttocks, buttocks, sleeper muscle and recessed hip are circular pits that can be seen clearly on the external sides of the body n...