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Friday, April 17, 2020

How to be a professional bodybuilder

Doing full body exercises

An individual may become a champion in bodybuilding by following full-body exercises, which include muscle building exercises, resistance exercises, and body harmony exercises. The exercise that is appropriate for the type of body must be chosen and adhered to in order to obtain good results, while avoiding intensive bodybuilding sessions. For one month.

Drinking a lot of water 

can become a champion of bodybuilding by consuming enough water, because it helps to remove toxins from the kidneys and liver, and get rid of waste from the human body, in addition to its importance in suppressing appetite and diuresis, while a decrease in water The body dries up, and the liver, muscles, and kidneys are less able to function perfectly; this is why you should drink approximately 3.8 liters of water daily, for about a week.

Follow and stick to a sports program

  A sports body can be owned by following and adhering to a sports program, through the following:

- Consult a personal trainer or an advanced bodybuilder: in order to see sports programs that include the appropriate precise exercises that the body needs, the number of groups, and repetitions of each group, because the body needs a severe and rigorous routine that is followed up with great care.

- Avoid daily training: the training routine should include three or four exercises per week, and spend the rest of the week for rest and recovery for beginners.

- Training a specific group of muscles weekly: Each muscle group must be trained with each other and for at least once a week, because following a large number, or very few exercises, will not give the required results.

Follow a healthy diet

  A healthy body can be gained through a healthy diet

- Eat sufficient quantities of protein: the main reason for building muscle masses in the body, and each gram of protein contains four calories, and cheese, milk, eggs, poultry, fish, red meat, and other foods are considered sources of protein rich.

- Eating fiber: you must eat at least five portions of fiber daily, and control the quantities of starchy carbs consumed during the day; in order to get a better result in burning body fat, you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables that contain fiber.

- Eating appropriate fats: Fats are the source of energy in the body in case of limited glycogen stores, but you should pay attention to the type of fat consumed, as it is advised to consume trans fats and derived from plant sources, or choose fats with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, or Consuming nutritional fat supplements, such as fish oil or flax oil.

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