Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Dangerous and toxic foods .. Get away from them immediately

Dangerous and toxic foods .. Get away from them immediately

That there are many foods known to harm human health, but there are other unexpected things that carry your health that toxic and dangerous to our bodies, and carry negative effects as they lead to killing cells and disrupting the functions of glands gradually, so here is a list of these foods that should be avoided for your safety

Microwave popcorn

The interaction of popcorn bags with the heat of the microwave creates a toxic and dangerous substance that causes cancer. Popcorn bags also contain artificial substances that are harmful to health.

Inorganic apples

 Avoid inorganic apples because they are injected with harmful health chemicals because they destroy the cells of the body.

Soft drinks

Drinking soft drinks leads to heart disease, cancer, depression and obesity, so we advise you to avoid them. Also, don't try to drink "soft" diet because it is a deadly poison!


 All studies confirm the seriousness of the chemicals present in chips bags that cause cancer and sterility.

Canned tomatoes

 They are the most dangerous in this list because they contain bisphénol A, the carcinogen.

Inorganic celery

Inorganic celery is injected with carcinogenic chemicals so we advise you to avoid it!

Synthetic hormone milk

 This milk is very dangerous, and doctors recommend replacing it with natural organic milk.

Animal Ghee

 Ghee causes cholesterol, heart disease, obesity and kills body cells. Therefore, we recommend that you replace it with healthy olive oil.

A German magazine, Focus, stated on its website that one third of cancer cases are due to an improper diet, and that carbohydrates and fried foods are especially dangerous to health and it is best to dump all rotting food in the waste basket.

Focuses wrote that cancer is the leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 8.2 million people die annually from cancer. Experts expect that about 35 percent of all cases of cancer in Germany are due to malnutrition.

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