Friday, April 17, 2020

The best schedule of bodybuilding exercises

Schedule of exercises instructions

 To begin with, warm-up exercises should start before starting the exercises in the schedule. These exercises vary between running and brisk walking, stretching and climbing stairs. The schedule for each day must include a group of large muscle exercises such as the chest, back and legs. The groups of exercises are also determined in each month, provided that the types of exercises are changed in the schedule and the irregularity in a specific schedule is more than a month. Also, the exercise time should not be exaggerated so that it does not exceed one hour, with rest days being changed according to schedule.

The best schedule of bodybuilding exercises

Some of the sports tips that can be followed to build the body include:

First day

 In the table is devoted to the easiest muscles, to encourage the game practitioner to continue throughout the week, and start with chest exercises, and then the exercises of the muscle of traps, which is the most helpful muscle in the movement of the chest muscles.

the second day

 It combines the muscles of the back and the bases, and back exercises may be more difficult than the abdominal exercises, except that increasing the strength of those muscles increases the general strength of the body, and that the exercises of the bases, which are the main muscles of the arms, give a strong appearance to the player, and after the second day the player must obtain Full day rest.

the third day

In the table it is assigned to the shoulder exercises, and the forearm muscles can be exercises because it is the auxiliary muscle with the shoulder exercises.

the fourth day

Of the exercises is devoted to the exercises of the abdomen and legs, which are exercises that many beginners overlook, despite their importance, then a rest day and a schedule can be restored again for three weeks before changing it. As for the types of exercises, they are determined under the supervision of the gym coach to ensure the correct posture and avoid exposure to muscle injuries .

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