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The 10 best muscle building foods ever

Muscle Building 

The human body contains about 620 different muscles, and these muscles are made of muscle fibers, which consist of acids found in proteins called amino acids. People, they are considered aesthetics, as the tight body that has muscles of large size is desirable for many people.

Muscle need for food

Many people believe that building muscles and maintaining their mass depends only on training, but this belief is wrong: in addition to training, a person must eat healthy foods that help him to keep fit and grow his muscles. 

After performing any exercises or activities that depend heavily on Muscles (such as bodybuilding exercises), this leads to the destruction of fatigue muscle fibers, and then the person needs to eat a suitable high food with fast absorption protein (such as milk serum), so the body uses amino acids in the protein to restore and build the muscle, since the nutrient The main muscle fiber is the amino acids that are found in the protein, so the muscle becomes stronger than it was in order to adapt to the nature of the effort based on it.

Many people who play bodybuilding complain that they do not feel any benefit from them, their muscles remain the same size despite the exercises (if they are difficult) that they perform, and the weights they raise during exercise remain constant without increasing, because they do not care about the appropriate food, or that they simply They are not aware of this. The lack of adequate and adequate food intake after exercise leads to adverse results, as the muscle will be destroyed and will not be rebuilt, because the muscle fibers have not received the amino acids they need.

 The best foods to build muscle


 Eggs contain a high percentage of protein, and nine types of essential amino acids, in addition to one of the types of fats, choline and vitamin D, and it is necessary to know that eggs do not have any harmful effects on health, but the increase in eating egg yolks leads to an increase In cholesterol.

Vegetables and fruits

 It is a rich source of antioxidants, as it is necessary and important for the health of the immune system in the body, and provides a range of nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin E, and provides the important fibers that the body needs, as these fibers help to expel unwanted substances in the body.

Red meat 

Red meat should be a staple of the diet for those who want to inflate their muscles. A meal that contains 3 ounces of red meat should be eaten, which is equivalent to 154 calories, Such as iron, zinc, vitamin B, and most importantly, protein, as it works to promote muscle growth.

Skinless chicken

 Chicken is an excellent source of protein, and it is very important for muscle repair, bone health and weight maintenance, and chicken breast is the most part that contains protein compared to the rest of its parts. It is required to cook chicken in a healthy and beneficial way, because it is not fried and the skin is not left on it. There are also types of meat similar to chicken, such as turkey meat, which is one of the best white meats as a source of protein.

White cheese

 There are many people who do not know the amount of protein in this cheese, especially cottage cheese (English: Cottage Cheese); it contains casein protein, which is a slow-digesting protein, and helps build muscle, and white cheese is very useful, especially for men, and it is an excellent source Vitamin B12, calcium, and other nutrients.

Tuna and other fish

 This fish contains a high protein and less fat, and tuna is rich in omega-3, and essential fatty acids not only for health reasons; it also helps to reduce fat, and to complete vital body functions such as metabolism. Tuna contains a high percentage of Mercury, which is considered toxic to the body in the event of an increase, some people prefer to replace tuna with sardines because it contains less mercury.


 It is an ideal source of carbohydrates, as it helps to reduce blood sugar, and thus works to reduce fat while maintaining muscle. 
Whole grains
 These pills facilitate digestion, provide more nutrients, and boost energy levels in the body. For example, brown rice can help boost the growth hormone, which is extremely important to encourage growth and build muscle. 

Healthy fats

There are some important and beneficial fats in the body that play a key role in the production of testosterone and growth hormones, which are responsible for building muscle. Like flaxseeds and avocados, they are also rich in omega-3, omega-6, and fatty acids.

Whey Protein

 This protein is an easy and comfortable source for bodybuilding, and its prices are affordable for everyone. It is usually used when waking from sleep, or mixed with meals to build a mass of muscles.

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