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Get hard immune system to fight the coronavirus With this ways

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How to Boosting your immune system to fight the coronavirus

In light of the global and international circumstances surrounding us, given the proliferation of the newly discovered COVID-19 virus that does not yet have treatment or vaccine, infection prevention and resistance in case of infection requires care to strengthen the immune system system in the human body, by ensuring nutritional habits A specific lifestyle.
Initially, a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals necessary to strengthen the body must be adhered to by eating specific meals of no less than three main meals per day, namely breakfast, lunch and dinner, provided that they contain moderate amounts of food while being careful to diversify in them, by eating a class of each A group of food groups as follows:

1- Meat «Development of white blood cells»

Zinc deficiency is most prevalent among adults in America, especially vegetarians, due to their boycott of beef, which is a major source of this mineral, which strengthens immunity. Unfortunately, a slight deficiency of zinc increases the risk of infection. Zinc contributes to the development of white blood cells that recognize and eliminate bacteria and viruses that invade the body. 3 ounces of beef provides 30% of the daily value of zinc. Other sources of zinc are oysters, milk and milk.

2- Barley and oats «anti-microbial fibers»

Both barley and oats contain "beta - glucan", a type of anti-microbial and anti-oxidant fiber. These fibers are more effective than Echinacea, according to one study conducted in Norway. The infection rate of animals with influenza, herpes, and even anthrax decreased when she took this compound. As for its effect on humans, it is demonstrated in its ability to boost immunity and speed up the process of recovering from wounds. It may also contribute to better antibiotics. Experts recommend eating at least one serving of whole grains a day.

3- Garlic «a healthy body guard»

Garlic, small in size, but great potency. Some people may stay away from him because of his bad smell, but he is the savior. Doctors classify garlic and define it as a safe bodyguard, as it fights infections and bacteria, because it contains the active ingredient "allicin". In one experiment conducted by American researchers, 146 people were provided with either granules containing garlic extract or a drug for 12 weeks, and it was established that individuals who consumed garlic extract were less likely to catch a cold. While another study showed that the rate of colon cancer is 30% lower for lovers and users of garlic by six cloves per week or more. While the incidence of stomach cancer was 50% lower than those who refrained from eating garlic. Garlic works as an anti-toxin before it spreads to the body, stimulates blood circulation and prevents blood clots in the arteries. Therefore, it is advised to eat two cloves of raw garlic daily, in addition to using crushed garlic in cooking several times per week.

4- Fish «repel viruses from the body»

Selenium helps white blood cells produce cytokines-proteins, which in turn expel the influenza virus from the body. Selenium is widely found in shellfish, crabs, crabs and mollusks. Fish rich in omega 3 oil, such as salmon, mackerella and salted fish, reduce inflammation, increase air flow to the lungs, and protect them from colds and infections in the respiratory system. Also, these fatty acids are effective in improving mood, increasing body activity, strengthening memory and protecting the body from cardiovascular disease. The recommended amount is two servings per week.

5- Chicken soup «strengthening immunity»

In a study by Nebraska University researchers on 13 registered brands of chicken noodles, it was found that 12 of them were able to hinder the spread of inflamed white cells in the body. This is an important finding, because the symptoms of the common cold are a response to the accumulation of cells in the airways. The amino acid cysteine ​​secreted by chicken during its cooking is similar in chemical form to the action of the popular inflammatory drug, "acetylcysteine". Salty broth broth makes mucus as thin as cough medicine. Therefore, adding garlic or onions to the food enhances the soup's ability to boost immunity. Doctors advise you to eat a bowl of soup when you feel uncomfortable.

6- Tea «antioxidant»

A study conducted in Harvard showed that people who drank five cups of black tea per day for two weeks, the ability to fight viruses ten times the others. The amino acid responsible for boosting immunity «L-theanine» is abundant in black and green tea. You should drink several cups of tea daily. Know that brewing tea makes it five times as powerful as an antioxidant.

7- Yogurt «reduce the exposure to disease»

Yogurt or yogurt contains prebiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that maintain a digestive tract and intestines free of pathogenic germs. Prebiotic is found in nutritional supplements. A study conducted at the University of Vienna in Australia showed that eating a daily dose of seven ounces of yogurt boosts the body's immunity by the same amount of drugs. Therefore, it is advised to eat yogurt that contains this type of bacteria to maintain the health of the digestive and immune systems. The best recommended dose is 6 ounces of yogurt twice daily.

8- Sweet potato «Vitamin A and tissue manufacturing»

Some may overlook the role of the immune system in protecting the skin. However, this organ is crucial, as it covers the entire body and represents the bulwark opposite bacteria and viruses. In order for the skin to maintain its health and strength, it needs vitamin A, which plays a major role in the manufacture of connective tissues that establish the skin / skin. The best way to get vitamin A is by eating sweet potatoes that contain beta-carotene. Half a cup of sweet potatoes provides 40% of your daily need of vitamin A.

9- The fungus "activating white blood cells"

People are used to eating mushrooms to maintain a healthy immune system without realizing the relationship between the two. Contemporary researchers have been able to discover the cause. Studies have shown that the fungus increases the productivity and activity of white blood cells, making them more hostile to foreign bodies that invade our bodies. Specialists recommend eating 1/4 ounce to an ounce of mushrooms a few times a day in order to achieve the maximum benefit. Mushrooms can be included in our meals by adding them to pasta, pizza, or eggs.

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