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Chest exercises at home

Best Chest exercises at home 

Chest muscles

 Chest muscles are among the most visible major muscles that give the body its attractiveness, and all men and women search for healthy, sporty and graceful bodies, and there are a lot of exercises that work to strengthen the chest muscles, highlight them well, and get rid of their sag.

 But nowadays there are many people who cannot go to gyms to play sports. In general, various pressure exercises are considered one of the best chest exercises, and through this article we will present some home-based physical exercises that work to strengthen and tighten chest muscles and get rid of their sagging.

Home exercises to strengthen and tighten the chest

push up

  It is considered one of the most important exercises that work to strengthen the chest effectively, especially for people who suffer from sagging lower chest, and it can be done by bringing the hands close together, then going down until the hand touches the middle of the chest, and then going up to the top slowly also, and the exercise must be repeated ten times Every day taking into account getting a break from one to two minutes.

Dumbbell pressure exercise

  It is by lying on a floor furnished with carpets or training brushes, then bending the knees and holding the dumbbell and lifting it upward depending on the chest muscles, then lowering it to the bottom, at the end the lifting of the dumbbell to the top and then staying in that position for a few seconds, then return to the first position, It is recommended to repeat the exercise 12 times a day.

A diving exercise between two chairs

 Exercise can be practiced by placing two chairs apart from each other, then standing between the two chairs and holding them from above, and then going down and going up and then holding for a few seconds, and the exercise must be repeated in four groups per day and in each group 12 times.

Squeeze the ball

 It is by lying on the abdomen, then holding the ball between the hands and the fingertips, going up and down as is the case in the pressure exercise completely, it is preferable to repeat the exercise daily from twenty to thirty times in four rounds, taking into account obtaining a break between each round.

The exercise and legs are raised

 It is the best exercise to strengthen the upper chest muscle, and is by lying on the ground, then lifting the legs on a strong table or table, after which the hands are placed on the ground and then doing the same regular pressure movements, but slowly up and down slowly, and it is preferred to repeat the exercise daily 15 times in three rounds , With a two-minute break every three rounds.

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