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Bodybuilding Nutrition Essentials

Bodybuilding Nutrition Essentials

Foods that contain protein

Protein is one of the foods necessary to build muscle, and it can be found in fish, chicken, eggs, milk, dairy products, and some nuts and vegetables. Most experts recommend eating at least 1 gram of protein per half kilo of body weight for best results. Also, eating protein-containing foods in the morning helps build muscle through bodybuilding.


The pancreas releases the hormone insulin when eating carbohydrates, and carbohydrates are a major source of energy in the body, and eating foods that contain them is very important, as complex carbohydrates give immediate energy to the body, such as: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, rice, peas, and foods rich in fiber, Such as: broccoli, carrots, broccoli, green beans and spinach, as well as foods that include simple carbohydrates, such as: apples, bananas, grapefruit, grapes, and oranges, but consuming a lot of carbohydrates can cause the production of large amounts of insulin Thus lead to fat storage in the body.

Healthy fats

Healthy fats are essential factors for muscle growth, as they play a key role in the production of testosterone and growth hormones that help muscle growth and gain strength, while saturated fats are also beneficial fats, such as: salmon, other fish, nuts, vegetables, oils, Like flaxseed and avocado, it is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Bodybuilding Nutrition Essentials

- There are basics to consider in nourishing bodybuilding, including the following:
The amount of calories the body needs depends on height, weight, metabolism, and also on gender, as a woman must consume from 1600 to 2400 calories a day, while a man should consume from 2000-3000 calories.
- Eat small meals throughout the day, instead of large meals, as the number of times you eat a day increases your metabolism, which leads to burning more fat.

- The daily diet should contain 50-60% of total calories from carbohydrates, 12-20% of protein and 30% of fat.

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